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Indian Constitution and Indian Polity

Indian Constitution and Indian Polity is a must-read for the aspirants appearing for the Civil Services Examinations as well as the other state Services Examinations

by  S.G. Subramanian (Author)

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  • Chapter 1 Constitution: an overview
  • Chapter 2 Indian Constitution: salient features and basic principles
  • Chapter 3 Preamble and the philosophy of the Constitution
  • Chapter 4 territory of the Union
  • Chapter 5 citizenship
  • Chapter 6 fundamental Rights: conceptual framework
  • Chapter 7 fundamental Rights: right to equality
  • Chapter 8 fundamental Rights: right to freedoms
  • Chapter 9 rights: religion, culture, constitutional remedies and Exemption and suspension
  • Chapter 10 Directive principles of State policy and fundamental duties
  • Chapter 11 Union executive: President and vice President
  • Chapter 12 Union executive: Council of ministers and the prime Minister
  • Chapter 14 Legislature: Union Parliament
  • Chapter 15 state Legislature
  • Chapter 16 Amendment of the Constitution
  • Chapter 17: judiciary
  • Chapter 18 Union territories
  • Chapter 19 local-self government
  • Chapter 20 union–state relations
  • Chapter 21 public services and public Service Commissions
  • Chapter 22 elections
  • Chapter 23 emergency
  • Chapter 24 Jammu and Kashmir
  • Chapter 25 constitutional offices and important terminologies.


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